Family War Room




It is a designated place where an individual or family gathers for prayer. A war room is a place to strategically combat the enemy who comes to “steal, kill and destroy” by using prayer and scripture as your weapon. It should be a specific room or location within your home.  Perhaps a closet, hallway, the dining room table, your family room, laundry room, a sofa/chair …. Anywhere you can gather to pray. You do want it to be a place that you can post prayers and scriptures so that everyone in the family can see them. Pray and ask God to help you determine what the best location is for you and your family.



The possibilities vary from home to home but the essentials are a Bible, note pad/sticky notes/notebook, pens/pencils. Remember it’s not about what the room looks like, but more about how it can function for your family to use for prayer. Additional items you might consider or add later could be:
Music                 Notebook/journal             Bulletin Board/tacks
Highlighters         Kneeling pads                 Pictures of family/friends
Map                    Small chair/pillow(s)       Altar (small ottoman, footstool or bench)



  • Decide on day/time:
  • The day could mean a certain night of the week before bedtime or it might be a few minutes after dinner one or more nights during the week; perhaps Saturday or Sunday when it might be easier to get everyone at home at the same time. Rule of thumb, make it as convenient as possible.
  • The length of time should depend on the ages and spiritual maturity of your children. Never forget that younger children have very short attention spans.  It’s not about long eloquent prayers but about calling on God from our hearts …. That’s all He asked us to do. It is better to keep it short initially, then expand the time as family members get more comfortable.
  • Give the family notice of the day and time that you will have your first prayer time. Let them know that this is important to you and to them. Ask that they begin thinking about the things they would like to bring to God in prayer. Some things to consider (you might post these on your prayer wall/door/bulletin board so each family member can see them and be reminded and/or inspired):
  • Relationships between family members
  • Relationships with friends
  • Career/job situations
  • Health Concerns
  • Behavior Issues
  • School Concerns
  • Use of Financial Resources
  • Prioritizing activities (i.e. sports, social)
  • Spiritual (i.e. the lost or desire for spiritual growth)
  • Church involvement (i.e. worship, LifeGroups, youth activities, studies, visitation, choir, prayer meeting)