Light the Night

What is Light the Night?

This is an opportunity for our church families to host an event at their home on Halloween Night, to show Jesus to those around us and intentionally get to know our neighbors.

Host Homes

Tabernacle will provide the host family with a supply kit including yard sign, glow sticks, and a $25 Chick-fil-a gift card drawing giveaway. Host home families will set up a hospitality table in their yard and an activity to encourage families to stop and chat. Suggestions: rent an inflatable bounce house, provide hot cider, yard games, fall photo booth.

Host Home Registration

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can host Light the Night?

Individual families, LifeGroups and neighbors can sign up to be a host home. We would love to see LifeGroups come together to one home to work the event and host together.

What will be provided to the host family?

TBC will provide the host home with yard signs and glow stick necklaces with the church website on it. When the glow stick is handed out, we courage the host family to say something like “Tabernacle Baptist loves families.” We encourage the host family to have someone hand the glow stick directly to the child. The glow stick should only be given to a child.  Each host home will also be provided cards that guests will drop in a box to have their name drawn for a $25 Chick-fil-a card. The host family will be responsible to draw a winner and give the prize out on November 1.

How will the neighborhood know about the event?

TBC will provide signs that each host family can put in their yard to advertise the event. The night of the event, the neighborhood will see the table/games and all the fun that is happening, and it will draw a crowd. If a host home has a neighborhood newsletter, TBC can provide the sample text to the host home to submit.

What will the host family be responsible for?

The host family will be responsible to recruit TBC members to work with them. They will also need to have a table to set up the glow sticks, and gift card drawing box. CANDY and yard activity (Game/photo booth/inflatable)  should be provided by hosts homes.

When will a host home receive the supply kit?

All host families will be able to pick up the supplies on October 28-30. The supplies will be picked up at the church office.

How will we follow up with the families who attend a Light the Night?

All of the cards from the drawing boxes will be sent a follow up text from the host home.

Will host training be required?

The host family and co-hosts must have a background check completed. There is no cost to the volunteer.

Background Check